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Warren Hall Memorial Scholarship

The Warren Hall Memorial Scholarship was established in 2011, in memory of Warren Hall, Varsity Football coach from 1984 – 2002. The leadership, energy, knowledge and passion for football that "Coach Coolness" exhibited left a lasting impression on his players. Coach Hall cherished his association with the Pallotti community and took great pride in seeing his players develop as athletes on the field, and as fine and respectable individuals off the field.

The Warren Hall Memorial Scholarship will honor one Pallotti student athlete each year who radiates positivity through his/her leadership, teamwork, sportsmanship and compassion. Through each scholarship recipient, the “cool” will live on.

Applicants must be currently enrolled at St. Vincent Pallotti as a 9th, 10th, or 11th grade student athlete participating in football. Transfer students must complete one full year of attendance at St. Vincent Pallotti High School before applying for this scholarship. While this scholarship is non-renewable, a student may apply in subsequent years. This $1,000 scholarship will be given annually to help offset tuition.

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