Student Travel

Each year, Pallotti offers students several options for international travel to help students broaden their worldview, understand and empathize with others, learn and improve foreign language skills, experience new things and connect with their classmates and teachers.

Upcoming Trips

Pallotti will travel to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. The trip will take place in June 2017.

Cost for students is $3345 ($402 for 8 months on the EFTours payment plan) and the cost for adults is $3710 ($452 for 8 months). 

Contact Mrs. Sefton at or Katie Grenchik at for more information.

For trip details visit this site.

There will be an informational meeting about the trip on September 20th at 6:30pm on the 3rd floor art wing. Join us!



Past Trips

  • Scotland (summer 2015)
  • South Africa (Spring 2013)
  • Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands (summer 2012)
  • Spain, France and Italy (summer 2011)
  • Belize mission trip (winter 2011 and 2010)
  • Costa Rica adventure and service trip (summer 2010)
  • France (spring 2010)
  • Greece and Turkey cruise (summer 2009)
  • England, Ireland and Wales (summer 2008)
  • France (spring 2008)
  • Italy (summer 2007)
  • Australia (summer 2007)