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International Students

Our International Program is designed to facilitate a genuine American immersion experience. International students are placed within a typical American classroom and expected to speak English throughout the school grounds. Pallotti provides opportunities for reciprocated learning on topics of culture and diversity as a way for all students to benefit from a global learning environment. International students have come to Pallotti from British Virgin Islands, Cameroon, Nigeria, the People's Republic of China, Sierra Leone, South Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Admissions Process

The main entry point is the ninth grade. There are a limited number of spaces in tenth and eleventh grade. Only under special conditions are twelfth grade admissions considered.

In making decisions for admissions, the Admissions Committee place a great emphasis on past grades, school recommendations, past standardized test scores, and personal interviews.

Application Requirements:
      • Complete and submit the online application available under "Apply Now." The $150 application fee is paid when you submit the online application.
      • An official transcript (with English translation) that includes records of the previous two academic years, the current year's academic records and the most recent grade report.
      • Two (2) teacher recommendations: one recommendation from the applicant's current English teacher and one from the Math teacher.
      • Proof of English proficiency as demonstrated by the student's performance on a certified test (i.e. TOEFL, IELTS). For example,  a minimum TOEFL score of 18 for the Reading section, 18 for the Listening section, 22 for the Speaking section, 20 for the Writing section, and 65 for the total TOEFL score.
      • Proof of citizenship.
      • Copy of birth certificate.
      • Once the above requirements have been received all candidates will sit for a Skype or in-person interview with the Principal or the Director of Admissions. All interviews must be scheduled in advance and confirmed by e-mail. 

Send supporting paperwork to:

St. Vincent Pallotti High School
Admissions Office - Attn: Stacy Springer
113 St. Mary's Place
Laurel, MD 20707

E-mail: sspringer@pallottihs.org

Receiving the I-20:

In order for an I-20 to be issued, the Department of Admissions must receive the following:

      • Proof of compliance with all immunizations currently required by the Maryland Department of Health and Hygiene.
      • Completion and submittal of enrollment contract including a $1,750 non-refundable deposit.
      • Supporting enrollment paperwork including the following:
          • Parent/Guardian Information Form
          • New Student Information Form
          • Consent to Photograph
          • Technology Responsible Usage Policy

After you have submitted all of the required documents, it will take 5-7 business days for you to receive an official notification about your acceptance. 

Acceptance documents will be sent electronically by e-mail; accurate e-mail information must be given. 

Pallotti uses an express mail service that will allow you to receive your acceptance letter and Sevis I-20 through FedEx in 3-5 days. You may request shipment to a foreign address, or to a U.S. address. If your Sevis I-20 will be sent to a U.S. address, please include the name of the person who lives at that address.

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