Curriculum Requirements

27 Total Credits Required*

4 English credits
4 Religion credits
4 Mathematics credits
3 Science credits – must include Biology and Chemistry
3 Social Science credits – must include US History, World History, and American Government
2 Foreign Language credits (in same language) – recommendation is for all students to complete three years of same foreign language**

1 Health/Physical Education credit
½ Fine Arts credit
½ Technology Education credit
5 Elective Credits

*The Honors Program

Students in the Honors Program must complete all of the credit requirements listed above. They must take at least 8 Honors courses, including 2 Advanced Placement (AP) courses. Finally, they must maintain a 3.5 weighted GPA to earn the designation of 'Graduating with Honors.'

  • *Please note: a student earns 1 credit by passing a full-year course and earns ½ credit by passing a semester course.
  • *All students are required to have completed at least 80 hours of community service before graduation (20 hours per school year).
  • *All graduating students are expected to have taken at least one SAT or ACT college entrance exam.
  • *All graduating students are expected to have applied to at least one four year college.
  • **Students in the Edmonds Educational Resource Center (Learning Center) are required to complete only 1 credit of Foreign Language; however, many universities (including all MD state schools) require 2 years of a language.
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