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Academic Support at Pallotti

One of the great strengths of St. Vincent Pallotti High School is our small-school care and concern for every student’s development. We have an environment in which students are fully supported by our caring faculty, counselors, coaches, staff, and administration. As such, below are a sampling of the many support procedures we offer to our students:

Individualized Class Scheduling

We work with each incoming student to create a class schedule that fits each student’s individual goals and strengths.

  • Honors level courses are available for freshmen in: Mathematics, History, Science, English, and Foreign Language (in French, Spanish, and Latin). Students can test in to these higher-level courses right at the start of their Pallotti career.
  • Sophomores can take two Advanced Placement (AP) courses (AP Psychology and AP Government); while Juniors and Seniors have over 15 AP courses from which to choose.
  • Freshmen students who need additional math support take two math courses in the 1st semester. In the second course, Math Concepts, students drill on the core math skills (multiplication, division, fractions, decimals, etc.), which increases their computational speed and allows them to better handle more challenging high school Algebra and Geometry problems.

Pallotti Transitions

This one semester course is designed to successfully transition freshmen to the ‘Pallotti Way’. Students are provided the tools they will need to be successful academically and socially, as well as learning about the Pallottine traditions of service and commitment to excellence. Course emphases include:

  • Study Skills Development: emphasis on the proven methods of succeeding in the humanities and math/sciences.
  • Technology Management: introductions to Google applications, Microsoft Office suite, and other educational apps.
  • Time Management and Personal Organization: note taking techniques, prioritization exercises, document management systems, and goal-setting.
  • Digital Citizenship: online safety tips, email communication protocols, social media protection measures.
  • Research Basics: understanding plagiarism do’s and don’ts; available print, media, and library resources; outlining; and deadline management procedures.
  • Exam Review: the last two weeks of 1st semester are dedicated to preparing for Mid-Term exams.

The Pallotti ‘Protected Hour’

Our school day ends at 2:30pm; then, from 2:30 – 3:30pm, we have the Pallotti ‘Protected Hour.’ During that after-school hour, our teachers are available for individual tutoring or study sessions. No sports practices and no play or musical practices will be held in that hour. Instead, it is daily time dedicated to the academic improvement of our students.

NHS Tutoring and Mentoring

The National Honor Society is a prestigious organization that recognizes students with high academic achievement and a commitment to service. At Pallotti, NHS members are expected to help out those students who struggle academically. NHS tutors are available during lunch periods every day and after school. This can be a very successful way for students to get ahead in class and gain new appreciation for the study habits and educational skills of our top students.

  • The Big/Little Program: The Big Brother/Sister Team creates a warm, welcoming environment for new students at Pallotti. New students are paired with a ‘veteran’ student as they transition to Pallotti and are provided examples of appropriate behavior, morals, and goals by their ‘Big.’

‘Mid-Term Madness’ and ‘Finals Frenzy’

During the week prior to mid-term and final exams, the NHS organizes tutoring sessions specifically designed to prepare students for these major tests.  Teachers from each discipline are available until 5pm to help students organize their notes and to predict and prepare for the content of these tests.

Guidance and College Counseling Services

Our guidance services include academic counseling, career awareness, college search and placement, and personal and social development. Counselors meet with the students on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with academic and social concerns. Appointments can be arranged by student, parent or teacher request. Please click HERE for more information.

The Stephen J. Edmonds Educational Resource Center

This comprehensive program is designed for students with a documented learning and/or behavioral disorder who receive accommodations as they prepare for college. The Center aids in the development of learning strategies and promotes study skills through daily instruction in test-taking, memorization, reading, note-taking, organization and time management. Please click HERE for more information.