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1:1 Technology Program

Our goals of this program are to teach students how to use the technological tools available to them to broaden their learning horizons, use Web 2.0 tools and the Internet effectively, and prepare them for the workplace of tomorrow. We will also help teach students how to use the large amount of research tools available on the World Wide Web, thus increasing their ability to do research on their own. We will teach organizational and study skills, from organizing lecture notes to completing homework and submitting it electronically, using software on the notebook computers.

It is mandatory that the student participate in our 1:1 technology program, however you have a couple of options as to how you can participate:

If you already have a Windows laptop that meets the minimum specifications listed below, you may use that machine in the school. If you need to purchase a computer you can either purchase one on your own or you can order one through DSR Inc. They have been providing us with service for eight years and we are pleased to have them as our sales representatives. Go to http://info.dsr-inc.com/svphs to place your order. Please pay attention to your choices. Although the Accidental Damage Protection is not mandatory, Pallotti highly recommends you add this protection; it has come in handy for many students this past year.

If you choose to purchase from a place other than DSR, it is also recommended you get some type of Accidental Damage Plan. The computer must meet the minimum specs listed below. If you choose the DSR option, your computer will be shipped directly to the school. We will set it up for you and notify you when it is ready for pick up.

If you purchase through DSR, your computer can be brought to the tech department to be sent out for repairs. Students will be responsible for backing up their own files, and niether Pallotti or DSR can be held responsible for lost files.

If you purchase from another store or bring in one you already own, you must take the computer back to your place of purchase for any repairs. The tech department will offer only minimal support on non-DSR computers (School wireless network access issues). We are unable to provide home networking support.

Pallotti provides each student with a Google Apps for Education account, which includes a school email account, Google Drive, Docs, and other apps we feel will enhance the students' learning experience.

Here are the minimum laptop specifications:


  • Dual-core processor ( Quad-core = better performance)
  • 8 Gb RAM minimum (more = better performance).
  • It is recommended you have some way to back up your data besides a cloud app (such as Google Drive)  USB Flash Drive.
  • 250GB Hard drive or larger. (SSD hard drive = better performance).
  • Attached keyboard

If you are taking the Engineering courses:

   Quad-core processor, 16GB RAM, and 250GB SSD hard drive


  • One of the following Operating Systems
    Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10  Home or Pro version (Not Windows 10 S)
  • Virus/Malware Protection Software:
    Microsoft Security Essentials(free anti-virus/spyware from Microsoft), McAfee, Norton, Symantec, AVG, BitDefender,......
  • While we provide Google Docs, you may want to have a way to create documents offline since Google is web-based. There is an option to enable Google Apps for offline use, or you can install any of the following:
    • Microsoft Office 2010, 2013 or 2016 Suite that includes: Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.

The Engineering courses require the Microsoft Office Suite.

NO APPLE, CHROME, or ANDROID operating systems.  After years of experience with technology in the classroom, we have realized It is difficult to provide support for various operating systems during class time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Will my student be able to use the computer at home and have access to the internet?

Your son or daughter will have complete access to the Internet when they are at home. While in the building certain web sites will be blocked and the teachers will have complete control over when and if the computer/tablet can access the Internet during the class period. Outside of class, only certain web sites will be blocked by the Content Filtering service we subscribe to. This Content Filtering is a requirement by the Federal government in order for Pallotti to accept Federal grant monies. The Content filter has 50 categories of filtering available and we control the selection of those categories. We mainly have pornographic & violence types of sites being filtered.

Q.  Does my son or daughter have to participate in the program?

Yes. In order for the teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom, each student must have a laptop or tablet.

Q.  How has Pallotti researched other 1:1 Programs?

Please be assured the decision to bring the technology into the Pallotti classroom has been well researched. We have been preparing for several years. We have been in contact with other schools that have made the transition to a 1:1 Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program many years ago. We have listened to their experiences and have already avoided some of the problems and pitfalls they experienced. Our Technology Department has attended national and state conferences in order to prepare for the program.

Q.  When do I have to order/purchase the notebook computer by?

You must have a laptop or tablet on the first day of school. We recommend getting one early enough so that you may become familiar with how it works and get all the software installed on it before the school year begins.

Q.  What happens if the computer is not working correctly or is broken accidentally?

If you purchased your device through DSR, it can be brought to the tech department to be sent out for repairs. If you purchased elsewhere or bring in one you already own, you must take the computer back to your place of purchase for any repairs. The tech department will offer only minimal support on non-DSR purchased computers (School wireless network access issues, Office issues, etc.). We are unable to provide home networking support. Students are responsible for backing up their own files.

Q.  What happens if the notebook computer is lost or stolen?

If the device is lost or stolen, it is the responsibility of the parent/student to purchase a replacement device.

Q.  Will I need to purchase any additional software for individual classes?

Possibly. We are currently working with each department to find out their software needs. We recommend checking the class requirements before signing up to see if there are any programs you may need. You are responsible for purchasing an Operating System (usually pre-installed on the device.) See recommendations above.

We hope that more of the textbooks will become available in electronic form. Once they are available, you would be required to buy either the book or the electronic version.

For more information, please contact a member of our Technology Team.

As of March 1st, 2017, No Apple, Android, or Chrome devices can be registered for wireless access on our network.

To connect a device to Pallotti's wireless network your device needs to be registered with the technology department.

Please note:  Microsoft has released a new version of Windows 10,  S Mode

Windows 10 in S Mode will not run the software we need here at Pallotti.

If your laptop is running Windows 10 in S Mode,

go to the Microsoft Store  within Windows and search for “switch out of S mode”.

DSR has been providing us with service for eight years and we are pleased to have them as our sales representatives. Go to http://info.dsr-inc.com/svp2015 to place your order.