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Union of the Catholic Apostolate

Global Village

Moderator- Mr. Bill Bayly            Student Director: Ainae Nielsen and Nnamdi Ojibe

Description: A group dedication to learn about different cultures and breaking down common stereotypes.

Meeting Place:  Room 202


Fellowship of Christian Athletes FCA

To learn more about FCA click here.

House Band

Moderator-Mr. Tenney                               Student Director:

Description: band that plays contemporary music with positive messages

Meeting Time: 2:45 to 4:00 on Tuesdays

Meeting Place: House Band Room


Life Team


Moderator- Deacon Justice    Student Director: Casey Gaskins

Description: to support the dignity and sanctity of life for all

Meeting Time: afterschool 2nd and 4th Wed

Meeting Place: Mrs. Vawter’s office




Study Buddies

Moderator: Mrs. Vawter         Student Director: Carolyn Fromm

Description: Students can earn service hours volunteering at St. Mary of the Mills during their lunch period or afterschool at Laurel Boys and Girls Club.  Sign up on the bulletin board across from the school store or see Mrs. Vawter. There will be an organizational meeting during lunch in the beginning of the year.

Meeting time: Either during your lunch period or afterschool.

Meeting Place: St. Mary of the Mills or Laurel Boys and Girls Club

Liturgical Leaders

pallotti_alter_servers_B_1.jpgModerators: Deacon Justice and Fr. Bill

Student Leaders: Samantha Durnbaugh & Jose Pesoa

Ongoing training and support for altar servers and lectors


The Adventure Team

This Union club offer students opportunities to do fun things and will challenge you and give you the opportunity to meet other students. We are planning a camping trip, a hike at Great Falls National Park and a Scavenger Hunt and an O’s game. Your ideas are welcome!

SADD Team (Students Against Destructive Decisions)

Our SADD Team is dedicated to raising awareness and advocating against things that are harmful. 

Going Deeper Retreat
Going Deeper Retreat

 When:   Sept 5-7

We will depart Monday morning at 10 a.m.  from the rear parking lot.  And return Wed  at 3.  We will be taking the mini- bus.

Cost:  35 (checks made payable to SVPHS)

 What:  A retreat on discipleship to prepare for the year to come.

 Who’s Going: Union Executive Team (who ever signs up)

 +++++++Chaperones: Mrs. Vawter, Laura Leonard++++++

 What to bring: 

Clothes and toiletries, medications, sun block, sleeping bag and pillow, a couple of towels, a swimsuit, snack to share,  bible, journal (if you have one),  or games or whatever you like to do for fun.

 Emergency Contact information:  Nancy Vawter  301-706-8113

 We will be staying at 88th St Ocean City Finn’s East