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Pre-Arrival Information (Admitted Students Only)


Immigration regulations allow you to enter the United States no more than 30 days prior to the start date on your F-1 immigration document, the I-20. However, you should plan to arrive with your Host Family a few days before New Student Orientation.

U.S. immigration regulations require that you check in with your DSO (Ms. Lindsay J. Dively) when you arrive with your Host Family. Bring your passport and immigration documents. When you check in with the DSO, we will provide you with information and assistance to welcome you and help you settle into your new surroundings.


When shopping around for the best price for a round-trip flight to the U.S., you should keep in mind that there are several airports convenient to Laurel, MD. Most international flights arrive in BWI, Baltimore/ Washington International Airport and is the preferred airport for Host Family pick up.


Medical and Dental Care: Get all your doctor's and dentist's check-ups before you leave. Please make sure you complete the MD immunization form included in your enrollment paperwork. Click here to review the vaccine requirements stipulated by the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. Medical and dental care in the U.S. is excellent, but it makes sense to take care of anything you need before you leave. Dental care in the U.S. is VERY expensive.

While it is possible to purchase student coverage, it does not cover 100% of dental procedures. Don't forget to bring any prescription medications (with copies of your prescriptions translated into English) or even non-prescription medications that you take. Sometimes it is difficult to translate a prescription or a non-prescription medication.

Prescription medication will often cost more in the U.S. for the same drug from the same company, so you may want to bring enough of a supply with you (as long as it will remain fresh for the time you are here). Medications you use regularly; extra prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses. Make sure that you use the original container with the doctor’s information on any prescriptions you may bring. Please also provide documentation for your Host Family in case of an emergency.

You are required to purchase insurance within the first week of your arrival with your Host Family. Pallotti works closely with two health insurance providers. Both PSI International Student Health Insurance (www.psiservice.com/pallottihs) and ISM Insurance (https://secure.visit-aci.com/insurance/ISM/) provides quality coverage for international students. Both are an independent company, not run through the school. You must provide a copy of your insurance to the SVPHS Director of Admissions, your Agency and Host Family. 

Please make sure to bring English translations of your important documents, medical records, school transcripts, medication prescriptions, etc.

Bring a credit card that you can use in the U.S. You will need to pay for uniforms and books once you arrive. You can use it to pay for things while you are getting settled and you won’t have to carry so much cash with you. You never want to carry large amounts of cash as a safety precaution.