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SAT/ACT Preparation Courses

The PHS/CLC SAT/ACT Preparation Courses consists of eight (8) four (4) hour sessions, for a total of 32 hours of instruction (the longest in the industry for this price).  Students can take the courses in class or on-line.  The courses include two full length practice SAT/ACT Exams covering the areas of Critical Reading, Writing Skills, Math & Science (for the ACT Only).  The first practice exam is actually a “Diagnostic Exam” that breaks these three (or four) broad areas into 23 (SAT) or 19 (ACT) sub-skill areas with individual percentile scores in each area. This gives each individual student a targeted profile so that students get individualized and personalized attention.  Included at no extra cost is a 920 page Barron’s SAT-I Prep Book, 200 “hot list” flash cards for vocabulary improvement, numerous handouts, access to over 5 downloadable subtopic videos and all individualized student reports.  These courses are taught utilizing the Smart Board Technology with Response Software for rapid scoring of all tests and individualized student report generation. Our courses are rated #1 by Checkbook Magazine of all SAT/ACT prep companies in the greater DC metropolitan area.  Once paid for the initial course Students return FREE of CHARGE for UNLIMITED FREE REFRESHER COURSES!